Upcoming Info Sessions

Thursday, February 13th

6:30 pm – TCEC
21131 Gardenlane

Tuesday, February 25th

6:30 pm – FECC
2920 Burdette

Advancing Security
& Safety

Controlling who can access our school buildings and when is vitally important for the safety of everyone on our campuses. We have a plan to improve each of our buildings toward two major goals: Deterrence & Prevention. Rather than revealing all the details of our safety plans and procedures, we have outlined these priorities below.


Reducing the risks of unauthorized entry starts with presenting a positive security image. If an intruder is faced with a secure vestibule and adequate monitoring and prevention tools, the likelihood of an incident is dramatically reduced. Ferndale has recently implemented several of these tools at all of our campuses.

Natural Surveillance

People are less likely to commit crimes if they feel they are being observed. Natural surveillance involves the designing of features to maximize the visibility of areas that should be observed.

Access Control

Limiting and regulating entrances reduces opportunities for crime and allows for more efficient screening of persons entering a facility.


The clear delineation of space creates a sense of ownership for legitimate users (staff and students) and creates an environment where intruders are more likely to standout.


Every Ferndale Schools entry point is reinforced. We are adding additional layers of protection that extend reaction time and further improve students' sense of security in any situation.